Where You Get to be the Judge

American Idol. The Sing-Off. X-Factor. Dancing with the Stars. America’s Got Talent. So You Think You Can Dance. I’m probably forgetting some but these are more than reality shows. Watch any of these and chances are you’re sitting in a chair or on the couch doing the same thing as the panel on the show: judging.

Like it or not, television moguls tapped into our arm-chair judging fascination. I see it on my Facebook wall during an American Idol performance, the posts from friends who agree or disagree with the actual judges. The comments regarding contestant highs and lows. None of us get paid for our thoughts and for the most part, our critique doesn’t change the outcome of the show. It’s our “guilty pleasure” to watch and believe we should have a say for every contestant, every time.

There is a website that caters to those who like having a say after a performance of sorts and it benefits readers and writers. Clash of the Titles, COTT, offers readers the opportunities to read anonymous excerpts from two clashing authors and choose the one they feel should win that clash’s theme. Authors enjoy readers’ encouraging feedback, are interviewed by COTT staff, and receive a badge for their website saying they participated and/or won a Clash of the Titles event. Readers have a say in the voting process and are eligible to receive prizes. Everyone wins, right?

Clashes are a two week process.

Week One

Monday—Anonymous excerpts posted.

Wednesday—Focus on the Clash’s theme

Thursday night
–Poll closes
Friday—The authors revealed and matched with their books.


Monday–Author A’s interview and book focus
Wednesday–Author B’s interview and book focus
Friday–Winning author and two drawing winners announced

COTT is near the end of their first anniversary celebration. They are having a Tournament of Champions where winners from previous clashes go up against each other. You guessed it, readers have the opportunity to vote and judge their favorite. Only ONE author will take home The Laurel Award. So far the Tournament of Champions finalists are:

HEARTS CROSSING  by Marianne Evans
THE ROAD TO DEER RUN  by Elaine Marie Cooper
A TAILOR-MADE BRIDE  by Karen Witemeyer


Ann Gaylia O’Barr, Singing in Babylon
Anne Patrick, A Familiar Evil
C.S. Lakin, Someone to Blame
Christine Lindsay, Shadowed in Silk
Clare Revell, A Season for Miracles
Delia Latham, Destiny’s Dream
Elaine Marie Cooper, The Road to Deer Run
Erin Rainwater, The Arrow that Flieth by Day
Gail Pallotta, Love Turns the Tide(ebook)
Karen Witemeyer, A Tailor-made Bride
Lena Nelson Dooley, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico
Margarget Brownley, A Suitor for Jenny
Marianne Evans, Hearts Crossing
Naomi Musch, The Green Veil
Rosslyn Elliot, Fairer Than Morning
Shellie Neumeier, Driven

COTT also has a blog alliance where COTT staff writes a guest post each week for the bloggers to use. The authors receive additional exposure and bloggers earn a place on the COTT website, a chance at prizes, and their own interview. I’m a COTT blogger alliance member and it’s a thrill to watch the clashes come through and know our votes matter. Instead of judging a la Simon Cowell, we can be encouragers in a lonely industry. I love being a blogger that can count on quality content from the COTT team each week. Again, everyone wins.

I encourage anyone that enjoys reading, encouraging others, and yes, being that arm-chair judge that wants to make a difference to bookmark the COTT site and vote during the clashes. After the Tournament of Champions ends upcoming clashes will be Amish and LOL—Make Us Laugh.
I invite you to check out my website this month as guest bloggers share their thankful thoughts. You’ll be inspired by their stories.


Surrendering the good, the bad, and—maybe one day—the chocolate

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Julie Arduini loves to encourage readers to find freedom in Christ by surrendering the good, the bad, and ---maybe one day---the chocolate. She’s the author of the contemporary romance series SURRENDERING TIME, (Entrusted, Entangled, Engaged,) as well as the stand-alone novellas, MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN and RESTORING CHRISTMAS. She also shares her story in the infertility devotional, A WALK IN THE VALLEY. Her other latest release, YOU’RE BRILLIANT, is for girls ages 10-100, written with her teenaged daughter, Hannah, and is book 3 in their SURRENDERING STINKIN’ THINKIN’ series. She blogs every other Wednesday for Christians Read, as well as monthly with Inspy Romance. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two children. Learn more by visiting her at http://juliearduini.com, where she invites readers to opt in to her content full of resources and giveaway opportunities.
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3 Responses to Where You Get to be the Judge

  1. Hello, Christians Read! Thanks for supporting COTT! I think it’s a pretty cool place to be, too. 😉 Many blessings!!


  2. Sarah Goebel says:

    This is very interesting! I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.


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