The Experience of a Lifetime by Elizabeth Goddard

Is there a scripture that you meditate on daily? Christians often have what’s called a verse or scripture of the day, the week, the month, or even a life verse. During interviews, I’m often asked, “What is your life verse?” I’ve never been one to have one verse that represents or speaks to my life in general. After all, life is so volatile and always changing. I’ve had scriptures that the Lord brings to my attention repeatedly during a season of my life until finally I “get it.”

Recently I discovered that I do have a life song and perhaps it’s for a season. That’s a new one for me. How about you?

This particular song is an old one and I can’t say I necessarily liked it when it first came out. But lately, I’ve started hearing it everywhere I go until finally, I stopped to listen. Isn’t that what we have to do sometimes to know God is talking? We have to stop and listen.

So in listening to this song, really listening, I was deeply moved. Now, every time I hear it on the radio while driving, my kiddoes offer the rolling of the eyes because they know what’s coming— tears. (I can’t help it—any kind of anointed moment brings the tears. )

One morning I brought up the song on YouTube during our devotional time before school. Then I shared with my children why I’m so moved by it. The reason I gave them was a revelatory moment for me as well–I’ve had almost a half a century to experience the truth behind the words of how much God loves us.

Each time I hear the words, I stop to think about everything God has done for me in my life. All the times He’s been there—in the miraculous big ways, and in the trivial small ways—how much He loves me. His love isn’t something that can be explained with words, though we can try, but it must be experienced.

It’s my prayer and hope that my children love Him and experience His love daily. But I hope, too, that when they have lived at least half a century, each of them will be rich in experiencing God’s love for them.

I included the video with lyrics here.


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6 Responses to The Experience of a Lifetime by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. vickihinze says:

    It’s beautiful, Elizabeth.

    Isn’t it strange how things snag our focus and then we see and hear them everywhere? I just love that. Gets me every time. 🙂


  2. Lindi says:

    The David Crowder band is my fav band–and this song-well it seems like it’s being sung all over the place. The words–‘if His grace is an ocean we’re all sinking’ is probably one of the most moving lines ever. Yes, tears. God does love us so much–the enormity of it is overwhelming.


  3. I love that song. I know God’s given me songs for a season, sometimes even secular ones. One I really resonated with came from the animated movie, Barnyard, when Sam Elliott sang “I Won’t Back Down.” I know there were earlier versions but his became my anthem as an intercessor. It still encourages me when I hear it. Great post!


  4. Beth Goddard says:

    Julie, now that I think about it, there have been a few secular songs that I had to “take to heart” so to speak. One was Ridiculous Thoughts by the Cranberries–the chorus was, “you’re going to have to hold on,” with an emphasis on “hold on,” and that was right before I went through a lot of stuff, but I knew to HOLD ON!

    I’m especially grateful for “How He Loves Us,” though, because of what I said in the post–it’s great to look back over one’s lifetime and remember all that God has done.


  5. Sarah Goebel says:

    My husband and I love this song and have for quite some time. The church we served as pastors at in North Carolina had a great worship band and they played this song quite often. God moved in the congregation every time they played it. I am right there with you with the tears when I think of God’s incredible, undeserved, incomprehensible love for me (us)! I can only imagine what it will be like to see Him face to face. That’s another great song….I can Only Imagine! It’s on You Tube also!


  6. Maureen Lang says:

    I love it when God orchestrates things so we’ll take special note!

    That song is one of my favorites, too. We have a wonderful worship leader at church and I love it when he starts off by singing before we join in. Love it!


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