Book Review: 40 Ways to Get Closer to God by Vicki Hinze

40 Ways to Get Closer to God

Jerry MacGregor and Keri Wyatt Kent

  • Publisher: Bethany House
  • ISBN-10: 0764209183
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764209185

At some point in our lives, often when we’re in crisis, we call on God for help.  When the crisis passes, all too often we return to our normal routines and keep God distant as we did before.  Even more often, we don’t realize we’re creating that distance, we just slide back into normal and the routine—and then we wonder why we feel disconnected or as though God’s forgotten us, put us on ignore, abandoned us.  We want something.  We want more.  We want that connection.  But we haven’t a clue how to get it.

In 40 Ways to Get Closer to God, MacGregor and Wyatt-Kent offer a practical (and very doable) plan for recognizing that the something more we want is an up-close and personal relationship with God, and that yearning for a connection to our Creator in our daily lives requires action–not from Him, from us.

Readers are given an opportunity in the form of a 40-day challenge to become active in their own transformation from one who lives distant and one who works to close the gap.  While God’s love is constant and unconditional, our relationship with God is two-part:  His and ours.  It’s our part that is the focus of this insightful book, and it is in those insights we find keys to our personal spiritual advancement.

Steeped in Scripture, shared wisdom from those who have previously made this journey, and from Macgregor’s personal journey, this book issues an open invitation to any who choose to embrace it.  That invitation is to make your own personal journey.  And should you accept, at its end what you discover is a new beginning. One where you have spiritually grown and you grasp your innate need to continue to grow.  A path where you walk closer with God.

Note:  This book is practical not preachy.  It’s conversational not authoritarian or lofty; more like a chat over coffee with a good friend than an instructional guide.  The challenges inspire, make you eager to tackle them, not overwhelmed at the prospect or intimidated into doing nothing.  It’s a book you’ll read and assess, then read again and again to digest.  For in its apparent simplicity is a wealth of wisdom.

Vicki Hinze

About Vicki Hinze

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