Fighting Fires with Worship by Elizabeth Goddard

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks where everything goes wrong, or so it seems?

I recently attended the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) conference and I’ve been fighting “fires” since my return. It seems like this happens every year. The better the conference, the bigger the fire. This year was a great conference, getting to see lots of old friends and meet some new ones.

I should have expected to have a few rough days upon my return but I was blind-sided. The last couple of days I’ve been stressed to the max and on the verge of tears. In my last book or two, I’ve worked to keep my heroines from crying so much. I think that’s translating over to real life—I held the tears at bay.

Hence, I woke up at 3 am and remembered I had a post due today. But that’s okay because I can share with you how I made it through. Fighting fires, making it through the tough times really is all about attitude.

At some point I flipped the scowl to a smile and clung to the Lord’s words that His peace would be with me. Then, I began the worship. I home school my boys and every morning we start the day with Youtube worship videos and we listen to Bryan on Daily Audio Bible. Bryan reads through the Bible every day and he offers a little mini-sermon. We have no excuse, do we?

Blessed Be Your Name was the song that ran through my head all day long. Worship in whatever form it takes, thinking on things that are praiseworthy and good, works against the onslaught.  I might not feel like doing these things, but I’ve discovered that doing them changes everything!

May you be blessed this day, my friend, and know that the Lord has given us the tools we need to make it through. Worshiping Him takes the focus off  our problems, showing us how small they are.

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1 Response to Fighting Fires with Worship by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. I understand, Beth!! It does seem that way, doesn’t it? I love that song “Blessed Be Your Name”…it has encouraged me through many a firey time myself. That, and saying, “This too shall pass.”


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