A Time for Everything by Yvonne Lehman

One of the questions on an interview about me and my latest book, Hearts that Survive – A Novel of the TITANIC, was, “What do you do to get away from it all?”

I laughed aloud, saying to myself, “I live away from it all.” My time is basically my own. My husband died almost ten years ago, my children are grown and gone, and I live alone. My office is upstairs and I look out across the neighborhood that is a circular loop. It’s surrounded by foliage against a backdrop of panoramicBlue Ridge Mountainsthat present a gorgeous view each day.

So, I have the seemingly-ideal life of quiet, beauty, and all the time to do as I want.

Notice, I wrote “seemingly-ideal.” I do love my freedom to choose what I do and when. However, when one lives “away from it all” there is the temptation to waste much of that precious time. And there are decisions to make about, “How do I involve myself in the mainstream of life?”

I look back to when I was a wife, mother of four children, worked outside the home after all my children were in school, planned and directed a writers conference, taught Bible Studies and Sunday School, attended church every time the doors opened, did most of the shopping, cleaning, planning activities, continued my education, read books, and… I wrote books and was being published.

At times I longed to “get away from it all.” However, now that I’m “away,” I realize how full that life was. I also realize that living alone is a full life too. Just living is a full-time job. However, I do have time to choose when and if I meet with friends, entertain, spend time with family, read, watch a movie, write.

When Vicki came up with the idea for a few authors to take turns blogging to our reader, it so appealed to me but my first thought was, do I have time for this? Of course not! But, do I want to spend my time like this? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

And then that fear crept in. What do I have to say that might interest others? I could answer, “Nothing,” and slink away. But I truly hope it will be worthwhile to those of you who read it. If any of you want to ask me questions about my writing life or anything else, do so.

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, “There is a time for everything.” Looks like this is my time to try my hand at blogging and I’m so looking forward to “getting away from all the other.” I love the idea of spending a portion of my time associating and communicating with you.

Best wishes,



About yvon63

Author of 59 novels and 10 nonfiction books. Director of Blue Ridge Christian "Autumn in the Mountains" Novelist Retreat held annually in October, in the panoramic mountains of western North Carolina.
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2 Responses to A Time for Everything by Yvonne Lehman

  1. juliearduini says:

    What a great way to tie in such a lovely verse. I’d love to know about how you got started writing and where do you get your ideas, especially after 50 novels. Your view sounds breathtaking.


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